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“Unlock the power of WordPress with our comprehensive training program. Learn to create stunning websites and dynamic content using the world’s most popular content management system. From basic site setup to advanced customization and plugin development, our WordPress training will equip you with the skills and knowledge needed to build professional-grade websites with ease.”

Understand the concept of headless CMS (Content Management System) and how Contentful fits into this paradigm. Learn about Contentful's features, benefits, and use cases for managing content across different platforms and channels.


Foundation Step I

Sign up for a Contentful account and create your first space (content repository). Explore the Contentful dashboard and understand the structure of content models, entries, and assets.


Foundation Step II

Learn how to create and configure content models in Contentful to represent different types of content. Understand the relationship between content types, fields, validations, and references.


Foundation Step III

Dive into content creation and management in Contentful, including creating entries, uploading assets, and organizing content. Explore features such as rich text editing, media management, and content versioning.


Intermediate Step I

Understand how Contentful's API-first approach enables content delivery to various channels and platforms. Learn how to retrieve content from Contentful using APIs and integrate it into websites, mobile apps, and other digital experiences.


Intermediate Step II

Explore Contentful's features for managing multilingual content and supporting internationalization. Learn how to create and manage content in multiple languages and localize content for different regions.


Intermediate Step III

Discover how to use webhooks in Contentful to trigger actions and automate workflows based on content changes. Learn about integrations with third-party services and tools, such as Zapier and Netlify, to extend Contentful's functionality.


Intermediate Step IIV

Explore ways to customize and extend Contentful's capabilities using custom fields, webhooks, and extensions. Learn about Contentful's app framework and how to build custom apps to enhance your content management experience.


Expert Step I

Understand Contentful's security features and best practices for managing access control and permissions. Learn how to secure content and restrict access to sensitive information within your Contentful space.


Expert Step II

Learn how to deploy Contentful-powered applications to production environments and manage ongoing maintenance and updates. Understand how to monitor content performance, analyze usage metrics, and optimize content delivery for better user experiences.


Expert Step III

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