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“Dive into the world of headless CMS (Content Management System) with our Strapi training program. Learn to build powerful and customizable APIs for your web and mobile applications using the open-source Strapi framework. From content modeling to authentication and deployment, our comprehensive training will empower you to create dynamic and scalable digital experiences.”

Start by understanding what Strapi is and its role as a headless Content Management System (CMS). Learn about the features and benefits of using Strapi for building APIs and managing content.


Foundation Step I

Install Node.js and npm (Node Package Manager) on your machine if you haven't already. Set up a new project with Strapi by following the installation instructions from the official Strapi documentation.


Foundation Step II

Familiarize yourself with the Strapi admin panel and its interface for creating content types, defining fields, and managing content. Explore the different content types available in Strapi, such as single types, collection types, components, and dynamic zones.


Foundation Step III

Learn how to define custom content structures using the Content-Types Builder in Strapi. Understand the concept of fields, relationships, and validations in content modeling, and how to create relationships between content types.


Intermediate Step I

Explore the CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) operations in Strapi and how to perform them using the API and admin panel. Learn how to create, update, and delete content entries, as well as how to retrieve and filter content through API endpoints.


Intermediate Step II

Dive deeper into customization options in Strapi, such as adding custom controllers, services, and policies. Learn how to extend default Strapi functionalities and implement custom business logic in your API endpoints.


Intermediate Step III

Understand how to set up user authentication and permissions in Strapi to secure your APIs and restrict access to certain content or endpoints. Learn about authentication strategies, such as JWT (JSON Web Tokens), and how to implement them in Strapi.


Intermediate Step IIV

Explore different deployment options for Strapi, including self-hosting, cloud hosting services, and platforms like Heroku or DigitalOcean. Learn how to deploy your Strapi application to a production environment and configure settings for scalability and performance.


Expert Step I

Dive into advanced topics such as internationalization (i18n), versioning, and data validation in Strapi. Learn about best practices for structuring your Strapi project, optimizing performance, and handling security considerations.


Expert Step II

Stay updated with the latest Strapi developments, new features, and community resources through documentation, tutorials, blogs, and online courses. Practice regularly by working on projects, experimenting with different features, and building real-world applications to solidify your Strapi skills.


Expert Step III

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